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Mindful Beauty: Breaking Down Our Skin Club Membership

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The Perfect Way to Take Charge of Your Skin Care Journey

Fall is the time to give your skin some extra TLC to help reverse the damage you did to your skin over the summer. If you are curious to learn more about your skin and how we can help you achieve your skin care goals, here’s how!

Skin Club Membership

Our Skin Club Membership ($359/month) is a year-long commitment that takes all of the work away from the client. At Ashley McFarland Aesthetics we consider our providers to be a ‘personal trainer’ for your skin. As a part of our Skin Club we map out an entire skincare regimen for you along with monthly visits to determine what treatment you should do.

This membership is PERFECT for the individual who wants to put in a serious commitment and see visible results.

What Services are Included?

There are 12 treatments included in our Skin Club Membership. You will receive 1 treatment a month based on what our providers feel is best for your skin at the time.

  • 3 PRP Microneedling Treatments
  • 3 VI Precision Plus Peels
  • 6 Signature Hydrafacials
  • Monthly Dermaplane Treatment

Are There Products Included?

As a Skin Club Member, you will receive 15% off all skin care.

 At your initial consultation you will be put on a daily skincare regimen that you will complete day and night at home. You will get 15% off these products along with any extra skin care you purchase during your membership.

Client Testimony

At 45, I began my journey to health…emotional, spiritual and physical. Many things needed healing and as I walked through the process, I realized this included my skin. Sadly, I had NEVER had any form of skin regimen or discovered products that I loved.

I remember hearing so many positive comments about Ashley Mcfarland Aesthetics and Ashley herself that I became curious. I ran into Ashley one day in town and thought, I am kind of nervous because I do zero for my skin, but I have to meet her and ask for an appointment so we can discuss the health of my skin. She immediately put me at ease and scheduled me an appointment as we stood there in the middle of a store!

As people say, “the rest is history!” Once I met with Ashley and her team I immediately trusted them to care for my skin. They were warm, friendly, honest, extremely educated in skincare, not product pushy, and realistic about what would work for me considering my age and lack of skincare in the past. Due to my history, Ashley started me out slowly with fabulous skincare products and amazing skincare treatments. For the first time in my life, I started a DAILY, healthy skincare routine. It has become a part of my daily self-care, I cannot start or end my day without it!.

I did a complete 180 which meant my face did a complete 180! I remember my first peel was horrible because I had neglected my skin for so long. Damaged and neglected skin came off by the layers. Today, when I do a peel there is hardly anything peeling away. It is all due to Ashley and her team. Their skincare education runs deep and I am thankful they share their knowledge and expertise with the women (and men) of Murfreesboro and me.

And my daughters!!! They, too, have set up wonderful skincare routines, thanks to AMA giving me the ability to role~model healthy habits for them. My girls feel so comfortable with Ashley and her team. They love the AMA beauties as much as I do!

Have you met Ashley? She is such an intelligent woman. She is also a brilliant business leader who cares deeply for her clients and her team. Every detail of the AMA day matters…from the spectacular customer service to the individualized treatment and the beautiful environment of her space…she pours her heart and soul into it and as a client you feel it.

So thank you to Ashley and the entire team! I always look forward to my monthly skincare treatments (I highly recommend joining their skincare club) because I know I am practicing good health and much needed self~care. I also look forward to it because I recognize that time spent with the lovely women on the AMA team in their soothing space, brings a dose of good health to my soul as well!

Tracy Jones