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Microneedling 101: Everything You Need To Know

Microneedling at Ashley McFarland Aesthetics

If you caught our last blog, you’ve familiarized yourself with our newest treatment: Vivace. Now, we’re here to break down all 3 types of microneedling we offer to help you decide which would be best for you.

Microneedling is a cutting-edge anti-aging treatment that improves the appearance of many common cosmetic concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, uneven texture, and dull skin tone. During your treatment, we will use a handheld device called a SkinPen, gliding it across the surface of your skin. The tip of this device has 12 microneedles that create a series of micro-injuries to the surface of the skin creating open “micro-channels” in the skin. This stimulates a natural healing process generating an increase in collagen. This treatment improves skin quality at the cellular level, leaving you with supple, youthful looking skin. 

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Microneedling with ZO Accelerated Serum

ZO Accelerated Serum
ZO Facial Serums

In this treatment we use your choice of ZO’s accelerated serum to layer on the skin and enter the open “micro-channels.” With options of Brightening, Firming or Redness reduction, these serums penetrate within the skin for maximum benefit and infuse the skin with a deep-penetrating bioactive formula to improve the appearance of most skin concerns. You can also expect all our accelerated serums to come with an immediate skin booster that restores hydration to reinforce skin health, boost elastin and deliver antioxidant/anti-inflammatory support to the skin post-procedure.

Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling Treatment
Microneedling with PRP service is performed

In this session of microneedling. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), aka the body’s “liquid gold”, contains the growth factors and healing properties of the blood. It has many natural and long-term benefits when used medically as well as cosmetically. PRP contains highly concentrated growth factors to help tissue heal and repair, which can help solve a variety of skin related issues. These platelets contain bioactive proteins and growth factors that serve to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration to activate stem cells. This age-defying wrinkle treatment stimulates collagen production and cell turnover, resulting in fresh, healthy, younger looking skin. Research studies on PRP has shown improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, hair loss, texture, and scarring when topically placed and/or injected underneath the skin. Injecting PRP can address volume loss, acne pitting, laugh lines, and under-eyes (darkness and circles).


Vivace microneedling
Vivace microneedling being performed on a patient

Vivace is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses a combination of microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) energy to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Vivace can help make your skin firmer, tighter, and smoother. It addresses concerns like facial wrinkles and fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and uneven skin tone and texture using 36 gold-tipped needles on a hand-held device. By using the radiofrequency element, Vivace microneedling allows patients to be able to see visible results faster than traditional microneedling. Vivace also uses LED light power to calm inflammation during treatment and speed up healing time. Another notable difference that sets Vivace apart is that RF micro-needling is extremely customizable. The needle depth and RF energy intensity can be adjusted to meet the skin tones and unique skin needs of each patient. Traditional micro-needling has limited variables to meet the specific aesthetic goals.

Feeling unsure of which microneedling treatment would be best for you? With three different options, we are happy to consult with you and point you in the right direction. Regardless of which treatment route you take, the investment in microneedling will benefit your skin for years to come! Contact us today!