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Understanding Fraxel & Why You Need It

What is it?:

Fraxel is a pioneering piece of technology that revolutionized the way we approach laser treatments. Laser treatments like Fraxel, support treatments that we do every day. There is so much synergy. It’s not one or the other and it was not made to be exclusive, and there is a place for all of it.

Educating our customers is what we strive to do, to make sure they understand the benefits of what this treatment is capable of.

What parts of your body can you treat:

The thickness of your skin in the face can be treated much more aggressively compared to the rest of your body. On parts of your hands, feet, arms, and legs – it’s very different skin to what you have on your face. Your neck and chest are very delicate and can have a harder time healing. We make sure we take the right steps to get you to where you need to be.

The big factors of Fraxel:

– Your recovery time is quicker.

– You can treat all skin types and with less chance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

– Fewer complications and fewer chances of infections and scarring.

– Enables us to treat off the face and deliver that energy in a safe, non-ablative procedure to other parts of the body.

What do we suggest Fraxel for?

 Anyone who is starting to notice fine lines and wrinkles along with dyschromia and pigmentation, and wants help getting their skin to a better place. There is nothing better on the market for a nice refresh for these kinds of skin concerns with minimal downtime.

– Fraxel was created purely for medical aesthetics. Over time, however, it is now used to slow down sunspots and attack early skin cancer by wiping it off and giving you a nice blank canvas to start again with.

– This laser hits deeper into the skin and will do a lot more in terms of remodeling. Because of the depth, you will get more collagen remodeling which is great for fine lines and wrinkles and improvement of the texture of the skin.

– It’s also great for stretch marks, post-surgical scars, acne scars, and preventative acne measures.

This laser can work great for younger and older people as well. The level of Fraxel treatment can vary, and you can use it as a preventative measure or to treat your skin development over the years.

The most important part of  Fraxel is the appropriate aftercare. It’s vital to be careful with how much time you spend in the sun to protect what this procedure does.

In conclusion, this laser caters to a number of skin concerns and offers great results with minimal downtime.

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